Mulu women's 2013 winter fashion conference and order will be successfully concluded

June 30, 2013, a four-day Muluo women's 2013 winter fashion conference and order will be completed. Continuous rainy days to cool the summer a cool, but another season of new winter silk wood release we started looking forward to the arrival of winter.

In order for the majority of agents, distributors to better position for high-class women and better grasp of the terminal, the women's order will be once again joined the woodworking training session, invited lecturer analysis of the current women's industry , Combined with the status of Mu Bian, taught some sales terminal marketing skills, management skills and so on.


June 28 at 8 o'clock in the evening, Mu Bo women's 2013 winter new conference was officially staged in the capital city near Fubon International Hotel. Site lighting gorgeous, packed.


2013 winter new products to "fashion ethnic style" as the theme, the designers of the most typical Western and Western popular elements to create the most fashionable winter single product, such as elegant and stylish wool coat, cute Puff skirt profile down The resurgence of clothing and retro flared pants are great aspect. In addition, the bold stitching between different materials, ample gas field collar elements, fur elements and quite Chinese style embroidery process has also been moved to the design, both fresh and sweet pastoral style, as well as retro Baroque, Classical and elegant Chinese style, to better meet the diverse needs of consumers dressing.


With the continuous development of the brand, the design team is also growing, more and more young and outstanding designers to join the ranks of Mu Bian, their most unique design concept to play out, in the women's stage woofer and fever . After the conference, dealers and agents are very excited, new season is also very satisfied with the winter, the trend of the future is also very optimistic about the discovery, full of hope!


Mupu women in Gansu Province agents, distributors photo

We believe that under the constant efforts of Muobo people, the brand will continue to develop in a better direction. Relying on the continuous transformation of middle and high-end products, professional brand operation mode and excellent corporate culture, it will become a famous brand in the country.

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