Will natural crystal prices increase this year?

Will natural crystal prices increase this year? Will natural crystal prices increase in 2013?

Crystal's market is occupying more and more high, many people in the industry have begun to pay constant attention to the price of crystal, and different crystal types and grade prices are not the same. There are hundreds of types of crystals, and there are more different textures and prices are different.

Natural crystal is also divided into many types, the general popularity of the tea crystal, white crystal prices are more affordable, the general bracelet is cheaper to sell twenty or thirty pieces of one, expensive also a few hundred. However, the high-end crystals such as hair crystals and green phantoms are generally the cheapest, with a few hundred or so.

Generally before buying, we need to see what the crystal price trend is. The relevant data, in 2011, the price of crystal rose by more than 30 times than that in 2000. In 2005, the price of one gram of red hair crystals was about 10 yuan, and by 2011 it had risen to 80 yuan.

In 2013, according to statistics, the price of crystals will still hold an upward trend, and we still need to pay attention to the development of natural crystals.

Crystal belongs to minerals and it is a non-renewable energy source. When it reaches a certain period, it will be exhausted. Therefore, it is impossible for a certain crystal price to plunge. If you have sufficient funds, you may wish to use it as a crystal investment and you will be brought to you. Unexpected value.

However, at the same time, many people have some misunderstandings about the price of crystals. The following China Natural Crystal Network has dispelled some erroneous information about crystal prices:

The price of a general crystal is related to its weight, size, material used, and its craft. The fine crystal is sold by grams. Therefore, before buying crystal, you should refer roughly to the crystal price range you want to buy. Then carefully scrutinize its weight, texture, gloss, purity, size, and craftsmanship, etc. Do not make decisions on whether to buy or not buy on the basis of price alone.

Most crystal business crystal prices are almost the same. When buying crystals, you must not report a fluke. Don't imagine that you can buy good crystals with very little money. This is unrealistic, and it will make you worthless.

At the same time, in addition to judging the price, when buying a crystal, you have to know how to identify the natural crystal:

Observe the appearance: The natural crystal is crystal clear and moist, and the surface seems to have a thin layer of oil. The white crystal is white and green, while the artificial crystal looks dry and white.

With a pinch touch: Natural crystals have a high degree of coolness and a greasy feel; artificial crystals do not have this feeling.

Test hardness: The hardness of natural crystal is higher than that of artificial crystal and glass.

View the color: natural crystal is natural formation, its color is not uniform, the same object will appear color, there may be small impurities or silk-like traces; and artificial crystal or glass products uniform color, high purity.

The difference between natural crystal and synthetic crystal is also characterized by the luster of the crystal. The surface of the natural crystal jewelry exhibits oily luster, but the surface of the synthetic crystal jewelry presents a glass luster, and there is no synthetic crystal with oily luster.

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