"Dragon Dragon Gift" Tsu City warms up again

In recent days, the "Dragon Map" has once again become a hot topic for the people of Tianjin. The popularity of the dragon's series of gift reservations can be described as bursting. In five days, more than a thousand people called to make an order and the amount of bookings rose steadily. It exceeded 1.5 million yuan yesterday.

The "Nine Dragons" series of gifts introduced this time is an innovation in the "New Daily" advertising format. "Dragon Map" not only has meaning and cultural content, but also cleverly combines advertising and art, and uses the powerful platform of the media to comprehensively enlarge the value of derivative gifts of "Dragon's Dragon", which is a rare collection in recent years. .

There are two kinds of Japanese style screens: giant screens priced at RMB 8888 and best-selling screens priced at RMB 18,888. Both types of screens are made of high quality wood. The red dragonfly is used as the base to represent auspicious festivals. The fog revolves around Longfei and symbolizes the eternal flight. Among them, the Signature Edition Need screen has also collected the precious signatures of the well-known columnist of the "New Daily Daily" and the members of the "Dragon Map" design team. The appearance is more exquisite and the honor and luxury are displayed.

The size of Xiaolong scroll paintings is the same as the screen area. The price is 4888 yuan. Twelve dragons circled and hung over the entire wall. Imposing, majestic and domineering, it is a splendid luxury system.

Xiaolong commemorative silver bar sells for 4588 yuan and is made of pure silver with a content of 99.9%. The silver strip adopts a variety of sophisticated manufacturing techniques such as embossing and convex coloring. It is a proud example of Tianjin cuisine Baobaoquan. The readers who came to the Daily News Building to watch the samples all had a keen interest in the "Dragon Map" silver bar. They had a long time playing and could not put it down.

The dragon's stamp collection uses a red cover to express the joy of celebration. It is tailor-made by Tianjin Philately. The stamp includes the First Day Cover, personalized stamps, large prints, and small sheetlets. The whole book layout is full of dragon flavor and will be “Longyear”. "Long Dragon Spirit" is vividly displayed. The retail price of the original dragon gift box is 288 yuan. The hardcover gift box contains the original 12 original "Dragon Map" issued with the newspaper last year. Friends who have not yet gathered a complete set of "Dragon Map" can choose to order to fill the regret.

The Nine Dragons Japanese-style screens, the Nine Dragons scroll paintings, the Nine Dragons Commemorative Silver Bars and the Nine Dragons original gift box were displayed on the first floor of the Tianjin Daily Building yesterday, and interested readers are invited to visit the “Loulong” style.

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