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The 20th century is a great time. 80s women in China are becoming the masters of the times. They have succeeded in perfecting their tradition from the very perfect culture. They have unique ideas and understanding of the world. Their unique aesthetic ability and appreciation, they have avant-garde consumer attitudes without blind pursuit, they advocate the spirit of the rich and focus on quality of life, they are passionate about their work and love life more. . . They are known as the "intellectual woman" a new generation of Oriental women. Kiss , it is these fashionable fashion love.


Intellectual and elegant fashion heart kiss women's brand , by China's top ten designers Zeng Wei (Hong Kong) Mr. 1993 was founded in the beautiful southern city of Guangzhou - Guangzhou, the development has become a set design, production, marketing, brand management in one of the professional Fashion Company.

心吻品牌女装 时代潮人的时尚爱物

With the unique design, product update speed, cost-effective three major advantages, the first stationed in Beijing Beijing Pedestrian Street in the high-end women's brand, now all the products by the Hong Kong designer Sandy Tsany and its design team to create.

100% waterproof protection, in a soft, lightweight rainsuit

Ideal Applications: outdoor,for bike Trouble Shooting

Therm-O-Rad sealed seams for 100% waterproof protection

Full flame resistant corduroy collar with hood in collar construction
Non-conductive hardware
long sleeve with velcro


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