Nicole Ki children wear deep dig market trends

Nicole Ni Qi brand positioning children: "Colorful, dreamy" brand of DNA cross-border personality fashion brand. Nicoleini Qi children's clothing Product Features: Designers dig deep market trends, from all kinds of animals and plants full of playful animals, plants, personality graffiti, colorful pop, British style, the trend of extracting the inspiration of Kazakhstan and South Korea, subdivided the "fairy tale series , British series, Symphony of the Future series, series of environmental protection, "the four series, vividly demonstrated the children cute and clever, clever and clever, happy and lively, naive and romantic colorful face.

Top Line is manufacturer of boucle or loop Yarn in China specialized in fancy yarns in different effects in many natural fiber composition like cashmere/ mohair/ alpaca/ wool/ silk/ cotton/ linen  knitting yarn.

Boucle Yarn is an important style of Fancy Yarn. we have cashmere boucle yarn, wool boucle yarn, yak boucle yarn, Mohair Boucle Yarn, alpaca boulce yarn etc.

Boucle Yarn

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