Big S and other celebrities to join SalvatoreFerragamo Women's Shin Kong Mitsukoshi opening reception

The opening ceremony of the event was held at the Araujo Sarawak A4 at Salvatore Ferragamo. Salvatore Ferragamo Women's Leather Product Director James Ferragamo and renowned artist Barbie Hsu came to participate in the VIP ribbon-cutting and together toast for the grand opening of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A4 Museum Salvatore Ferragamo offer its best wishes.
After the cocktail party, guests were welcomed to the fashion hall of the prestigious five-star hotel W Hotel for the latest Spring / Summer Women's Salon by Ferragamo. Venue design to reproduce Milan show on the unique atmosphere of the mirror hall, elegant white cotton embellishment classic scarf pillow device art presents a unique brand of exotic romance, with more performers Sui Tong, Lin Wei Ru, Wang Xin Tian collar fish master Out of the mirror swaying costume reflective projection dazzling interpretation of the fascinating 2012 spring and summer women's series.
Salvatore Ferragamo 2012 spring and summer women's conference will be the perfect ending, the guest Jam Hsiao immediately sings, strong voice so that the venue instantly transformed into a warm party scene. The center of the stage map out the brand classic scarf totem, that full of fantastic patterns become vivid and true, the rare birds and animals on the prairie, tropical rain forest plants, and exotic flower patterns, vivid, the perfect presentation of the unique brand charm. Famous DJs play music on site and VIPs dance with rhythm and move all-night event to climax.
This event is the top event in Taiwan's fashion industry. Celebrities gathered, star-studded, celebrities gentlemen from all walks of life and major mainstream media guests and other 500 people to participate in the fashion festival, including James Ferragamo and well-known artists such as Barbie Hsu, Zhang Rongrong, Xu Wei Ning and Wu Ya-xin are wearing the entire Salvatore Ferragamo 2012 early spring Holiday series dress and wear the latest watch series. Renowned artists Wen Shenghao, Ding Chuncheng, Jinrong and Daqing are also wearing the brand 2012 spring and summer series together to enjoy the presentation. In addition, celebrities such as Shin Kong's small princess Guo Siting, red bean food daughter Cai Yilun and Wen Hua Yuan Director Chen Yan Lan and other fashion ladies also attended the event.

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