How to display clothing does not love to go straight line shopping attracted a family

There is a line in Zhao Benshan's essay: cats do not go straight, depending on the mouse! Therefore, we can extend the truth that women do not love to go shopping, depending on whether the corner has something to attract them.

More and more brand counters to change the past flat, square shape of the traditional appearance, began to emphasize the shape of the curved design. International design masters of this design made the interpretation is: Non-linear design is not only beautiful appearance, the more important role is to promote sales. When many objects appear in people's visual range, the attention of people can not be concentrated, can fully arouse the consumer's visual interest, often means running a single. The S -shaped or circular design, people's eyes easier to focus on one side, after a stop, glance or turn around and will see the other side of the display of goods, this design can effectively prevent the " Aesthetic fatigue " , improve product sales probability.

Not only the shape of the counter began to try not to go straight, some stores in the store's local design also began to take the curve. Sporting goods stores such as shopping malls will be designed as a stadium, customers walking in the "runway" "runway" is on both sides of the various brands of merchandise, walking stroll along the "track", the venue Yi Jing, "vista" Pleasure will emerge from time to time.

" Cat does not go straight depends on the mouse! " This sentence seems funny, but contains the big business logic. Times change, aesthetic changes, consumer demand is changing. In the changing world, the competition is the speed of manufacturers to adapt to change. Cats do not go straight lines are quite easy to do, depending on the trajectory of the mouse. What is different from this is that people's minds always like to think along the lines and set their minds. Without going straight, the result of innovative thinking is enormous.

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