Spring Health Guide: Shoes absorb shock

[This website - Dr. shoes] As the saying goes, shoes only fit one's own know, a pair of qualified shoes in addition to fit the feet, the decision to comfort uncomfortable there is another element - shoes are not shockproof.

Because the shoes with poor shock absorption will impact the floor of the foot. Taking the same long road, wearing shock-absorbing shoes is less likely to cause pain than regular shoes. This may not be obvious to young people, but it is particularly significant for obese people, “big belly” and flat feet. It is also one of the causes of foot inflammation.

What kind of shoes have a shockproof effect? ​​As long as you choose a shoe with a thick insole and try to wear it when you buy a shoe, if you feel that the insole is soft and elastic, it means that the shockproof effect is good.

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