Sleeve long dress popular in 2012 spring women's eyewear single product

Leading Word: In the spring of 2012, there will still be some coolness. When the long-sleeved dress gives the Lai people a warm touch, it will also be accompanied by a summer of grace.

On the upcoming Spring 2012, there will still be some coolness. When the long-sleeved gown brings a warmth to the Lai people, it will also be accompanied by a subtle summery; then it will transition to a warm summer day with beautiful flowers. People need to be calm at the same time. At this time, the subtle white dress dress is a water white lotus, so that the surrounding eclipsed. This is a direct-looking visual sense and looks at the "colorful" landscape after turning around.

Long-sleeved dresses are mostly suitable for wearing a thin belt of the same color. Like Calvin Klein, Derek Lam's crowning touch, adding a bit of handsome and capable. While ordinary people wear it, even long-sleeved dresses will not want to be seen by others, a part of the imperfections, easily hidden in it.

连袖长礼服 2012年春季流行女装点睛单品(图1)

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

In sleeve-length gowns, sleeves are the protagonists of the transformation. Can be long or short, can be casual, you can also self-cultivation, or shape different shapes. 3.1PhillipLim splicing maxi skirt, flying like a kite;

连袖长礼服 2012年春季流行女装点睛单品(图2)

Bill Blass 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Bill Blass extends from a simple short-sleeved T-shirt on the upper body to a light and long dress that is bright and noble;

连袖长礼服 2012年春季流行女装点睛单品(图3)

Calvin Klein 2012 Spring Summer

Calvin Klein long-sleeved coat satin dress, but not rigid, chest looming CalvinKlein proud of nude color underwear.

连袖长礼服 2012年春季流行女装点睛单品(图4)

Valentino 2012 Spring Summer Collection

Just want to describe Valentino, a layered layer of nude lace pleated skirt, stroking the body's skin, and the angel-like face is smiling to you.

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