Clodia brand women interpretation of the modern feminine style

Founded in 1988, Clo (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. is a professional apparel company engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of women's apparel. The company owns and sells women's brands such as " KLDY " and "MENGTIAN MENGTIAN" with sales outlets all over Taiwan Over the years concentrated on the island young women of all ages.


Cloth (Taiwan) apparel companies with long-term international apparel information in line with the latest fashion trends in a timely manner compatible with domestic popular pulse by Taiwan's top designers handwriting through rich design techniques and special techniques with the combination of exquisite and rich In the details of the changes, leisure and fashion will be free to blend together, with a soft approach to interpret the modern style of women, freewheeling, free to match, make life full of magic.

In 2001, Clo brand family strong landing in China, set up marketing department and factory in Guangzhou, comprehensively expand the mainland market. Rely on advanced production systems and improving marketing system, the short term has laid a good foundation in the mainland, the sales outlets all over the country.

克洛迪雅品牌女装 诠释现代女性风情

In order to enhance and promote the brand culture, the company has determined the strategy of taking the brand monopoly route. To truly carry out the service concept of "taking customers as the center" and organize the functional organization with brand strategy as its core, professional product and image integration will further enhance the brand communication capability, win market trust and win the win-win cooperation with partners.

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Summer Crowns

Tree Crowns, Sun Crown,Summer Beach Crowns,Summer Pageant Crowns

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