Home Dream Lace: How to choose bedding fabrics and styles

The bedroom often reflects the owner's personal taste and quality of life, the bed is the visual focus of the bedroom, and the bedding is regarded as the "dress" of the bedroom. The color, texture and grade of bedding are dazzling and dazzling, and fashion people will certainly not neglect the choice of bedding.

Bedding includes bed sheets, bedspreads, bedding, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, cushions, etc. Different seasons have different choices. In winter, the temperature is low and it feels cold. High-quality warm cotton wool, duck down, silk cotton should be used to increase human resistance. Cold body strength, construct a warm and comfortable sleeping space. In autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large. It should be used to absorb sweat and soft thin quilt, which is good for the breathing of sweat glands and promotes the quality of sleep. The choice of pillows should be moderate, the head should be soft, and it can bring you a sleepless night. The waist is not only a kind of soft decoration, but also an embellishment on the bed. Don't underestimate its role. When reading and tired, it is your intimate guard.

When choosing bedding, first choose a comfortable fabric. At present, the fabrics of bedding on the market are nothing more than the following: pure cotton, polyester cotton, linen, chemical fiber, silk.

Experts believe that pure cotton absorbs water and hides skin, which is not irritating to human skin. Therefore, pure cotton fabric is the most used type of bedding. Pure cotton is warm and has a soft touch and moderate price, but pure cotton. One of the shortcomings of fabrics is that they will shrink. I am reminded of Dream Laijia Textile. If you want to order bedding, you must take this into consideration.

If the product description says "polyester cotton", it means that it is not 100% cotton, but mixed cotton with chemical fiber, which is cheaper, but it is easy to pilling after using for a period of time, so it is not suitable for repeated use in the home. Of course, it can also be used locally like linen. Linen fabrics have a rougher feel and are therefore suitable for topical use, such as bed covers or sheets that are worn during the day, which are less in contact with human skin.

In addition, although the color of chemical fiber fabrics is very bright, because chemical fiber will generate static electricity, it is not good for the skin, and people with sensitive skin are prone to skin allergies after use. Therefore, chemical fiber fabrics are very rarely used. The silk fabric bedding is very decorative, and the hand feels soft and comfortable. In view of these advantages, many merchants still use expensive silk as the fabric of bedding.

In recent years, the prevailing bedspread has become a pet for bedding. It not only protects the pillows from dust, but also is a soft decoration with beautiful appearance in the bedroom. It is a color coordinated, novel and exquisite craftsmanship. Cotton, satin, brocade and other textures made of printed, embroidered, jacquard style bedspreads on the bed, three sides hanging, tiling neat, clean and comfortable, can increase the elegant and warm atmosphere of the bedroom.

Bedding in the choice of color, you can fully enjoy the fun of color and pattern, such as: a spring-rich bed sheet, with a dark blue pillowcase and red bedding to cultivate an optimistic character. Cast a healthy body (recommended: sofa cushions relieve low back pain). Colorful bedding, with its practicality and aesthetics, has won the favor of many trendy people. You can also use your own unique aesthetic vision to carefully select your favorite bedding and bring romance to the warm and intimate space. tender. (Gu Menglai Home Textiles)

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