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Fashion wild long trench coat is most suitable for the cold winter, people have the temperature and grace, long trench coat in the wind and elegant form a beautiful scenery, people think grace graceful, charming and charming, this autumn and winter you have prepared What kind of windbreaker style? Women's long trench coat with a long trench coat make you gorgeous transform.

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Photo credit: Dan Ti Shi women's 2013 autumn and winter new

Red is a lucky color, but also the color of the wild clothing, autumn and winter long red trench coat with a dazzling red, self-cultivation design, neckline and hem are all personalized lace tailoring very personality too! Red can look at your mood with light, you can match with light-colored can also look good with black.

长款风衣怎么搭配 女士长款风衣搭配

Photo credit: Dan Ti Shi women's 2013 autumn and winter new

Farewell to the dark windbreaker style, bright colors this season is king, this watermelon red long trench coat, sweet Fan dress, belt embellishment Slim and personality, hem white lace trim, so that this color in the autumn and winter to the extreme, the autumn and winter Perhaps the next corner is your beautiful encounter.

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