What is live jade, what is dead jade? The difference between live jade and dead jade

There are many types of jade division, such as hardness, which can be divided into jade and nephrite; color can be divided into white jade, ruby, topaz, jade and so on. There is also a strange classification for jade, which can be divided into living jade and dead jade. So what exactly is dead jade, what is living jade, what kind of jade is living jade and dead jade? What are the characteristics of them and what is the difference? Let's follow the Xiaobian to understand!

Let us first understand what is living jade

Living jade refers to a kind of jade. After it is unearthed, if people wear it for a long time, it will change through the nourishment of human beings. Its jade pattern will become more and more beautiful, the color will be more uniform, and the gloss will be more even and delicate. This type of energy can be improved by the moisturizing jade of human beings, which is called living jade.

Second, let us know what is dead jade

The dead jade refers to a kind of jade that does not change its moisture and friction. This kind of texture structure is very stable and will not change due to time or external force. This kind of jade that cannot be raised can seem to die. So called jade.

Now let us use an example to understand what is the difference between living jade and dead jade?

From the jade itself, all jadeite jade must be A goods. The emerald has a radix root. When people bring it to it, the radix quickly disappears. There is a pair of floating orchids. The bracelet is only a little bit like a small orchid on the bracelet. It is worn for half a month. After that, the orchids with small needles turned into orchids that were bigger than sesame seeds. After a while, the bracelets that were worn became more and more beautiful, and the blue flowers were just like mung beans, and they became even more. It is the "human beauty jade", so that jade becomes beautiful, beautiful, shiny, and the roots are gone. Human beings are the animals of life. Living jade is a mineral stone. When people wear it, the biological magnetic field combines with the mineral magnetic field to strengthen the clockwise rotating magnetic field, making the jade living jade more beautiful and moving.

Many old jade merchants have said: "Jade has no lines, no clouds in the sky; jade has lines and silver." Just as there are clouds in the sky, jade must have lines. This pattern is actually a natural "slightly smashed", thinner than silk, but not artificial, under normal circumstances will not affect the texture of the fine jade.

Unless there is no natural grain in glass and plastic, some people think that the "perfect and flawless" jade has no jade pattern. In fact, it is not completely absent, but like the "old pit glass" special jade, the structure is very fine, it seems to look like One, the naked eye can't see it.

The ancients also said: "Ten treasures and nine cracks!" Explain that the real baby, especially the jade, will have cracks, and the expert is called the growth pattern. It shows that it is natural when mining from the underground. When a hipster teaches people to buy jade, he said: If you buy jade, you must see if there is a crack, it must be true, it will not be a fake.

As the name suggests, "dead jade" will not change. It is unearthed when it is unearthed. It will always be like this. Of course, the same is true, because its chemical composition is very strong and has little effect over time. Relatively more valuable is the "living jade." "Yu Yangren, people raise jade." Refers to "living jade." Dai Yu’s time is long, and the mellowness and spirituality of jade will slowly permeate, affecting people’s face and health. This is the "Yu Yangren", it can be seen that wearing a good jade is indeed good for the human body. The so-called "human jade" refers to the living jade over time, people's body temperature will affect jade, prompting jade to make a slow change and become more spiritual. This is actually because the chemical composition of jade slowly changes under the heating of body temperature. In fact, jade itself is formed in a long period of time. After being unearthed and exposed to nature, 37 degrees of body temperature constantly affects it, and he will become more and more valuable. The simplest way to distinguish: use the hair to wrap the jade with a fire, if it is not broken, it is a living jade; broken, it is dead jade.

In general, the method of identifying the two is to wrap the hair on the jade, burn it with fire, and the broken hair is dead jade, which is constantly living jade.

Well, through the above, what is living jade, what is the difference between dead jade and the two, I believe that friends have already had a deep and clear understanding of this!

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