Hetian jade price bubble is not necessarily a bad thing

Hetian jade price bubble is not necessarily a bad thing Half of the collection market is half seawater. Hetian jade has been very hot in recent years. Even during the economic downturn, when other collections were sluggish, they were still making strides and prices were firm.

However, as more and more people chase the wind, the sound of doubt has not stopped. Some people continue to come out and accuse him of accumulating the price of Hetian jade. I believe that although the overall market of Hetian jade has not been over-hyped, but the soaring of Hetian jade seeds in these years has also driven many low-end counterfeit products that do not have much value for investment collection. There is a certain bubble in these markets.

It should be noted that so-called bubbles are mostly found in the low-end jade industry chain. The high-end Hetian jade seed market may not be affected by the economy and continue to maintain its price increase trend. The reason why this kind of judgment can be made is because of the supply shortage caused by the promulgation of the prohibition order this year. The second reason is that the higher the quality of jade material, the more refined the workmanship and the more sought after by collectors.

In fact, the development of an industry will inevitably produce some bubbles. This is not a terrible thing. Good companies should not escape the bubble. On the contrary, they should make good use of the “bubble” and compete effectively. Our experience is that we must use a subversive competitive strategy to fight our opponents. This is the first law of survival I want to say. The future is bright and the road is tortuous. After a round of reshuffling, there will eventually be top-notch jade companies that break through and stand out from the numerous jade enterprises.

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