Yi lovely women's brand Fujian Yongan Tianhong shop is about to open

Rainbow is committed to - from beginning to end to pour a little bit of customer care. "Authentic, Variety-Rich Products, Friendly, Convenient, Professional Service, Clean, Bright, Safe and Comfortable Environment" continues to meet the needs of customers beyond the expectations of customers. E & you brand entered the New Century Plaza, 88 Zhongshan Road, Yong'an City, Fujian Province, on September 1, 2012. The shop is spacious and comfortable, with 95% loading rate. The E & you brand showcased E & you's product style and high quality life The infinite pursuit of the United States, we need different styles of clothing to show their different beauty and express their different feelings. Welcome to E & you store purchase!


E & YOU women's casual wear brand clothing, simple attention to detail, prominent detail in the fashion. Style attention to the combination of stylish elements and self-style, a wide range of fashionable and with rich, allowing you to experience the "world of clothing, Iraq's perfect!" ; Fabrics used more comfortable Europe, South Korea imported fabrics, high quality, elegant style, combined with a reasonable price, so that Iraq has a vast market lovely , many city white-collar women's first choice for brand-name clothing.


Nylon Zipper

We are most professional and competitive nylon zipper Manufacturer of China.

nylon zipper is used in Packaging, Apparel, Crafts, Bags,Shoes, suitcase,Sofa,Decoration, and Many Other Uses. It divide into normal nylon zipper and Invisible Zipper.

The material,you can choose eco-friendly 65#.

Oeko-Tex nylon zipper

It is available in Over 250 Colors.

Minimum quantity of nylon zipper:1000pcs/size/color

Very High quality, strong strength,,Eco-friendly

The slider can be with logo and without logo.

Production capacity of nylon zipper: 5000000 pieces /Month

Available sizes: 3#,4#,5#,8#,10#

HS Code: 56071900

nylon zipper-2

Nylon Zipper

Nylon Zipper,Heavy Duty Nylon Zipper,Waterproof Nylon Zipper,Plastic Nylon Zipper

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