ABC brand tide shoes show your tide

Footprints of growth, do not fade away all the laughter we left; childhood bit by bit, as accompanied by beautiful memories, ABC brand tide shoes, show your tide. Toughness of the toe reinforcement material, more trendy in shape, and the sole of the connection more solid close; around the Velcro, can greatly enhance the paste range, the ring at the ankle at the more intimate protection of the Central Plains design so that peacetime Of the sports are free to cope with, not afraid of violent running, jumping stampede more freely. Solid color childlike streamlined version of fashion tide color wearable style, cute child stars embellishment, to do the most special of their own. Anti-fur splicing space cloth, soft with toughness, elastic lace comfortable shape, solid sole slip resistant, easy Velcro care, elastic heart adjustment.

     Woven Non-Fusible Interlining is a kind of weaving fabric .After bleaching ,and use chemical material to make the fabric soft or hard ,thin or thick . This kind of interlining can be used in all kinds of garments ,bags ,shoes and so on .It can imporve the base fabric thickness ,hardness .It also be called as the skeleton of the garments .

     It can be a lot of color ,like white ,black ,red ,green and also can be do all kinds of touch ,soft ,medium ,hard ,very hard . 

     It can be divided to some types according to the fabric yarn count and construction . 

Woven Non Fusible Interlinig 2


Woven Non-Fusible Interlining

Woven Non-Fusible Interlining,Soft Non-Fusible Woven Interlining,Hard Handfeel Non-Fusible Interlining

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