Neutral tone commuter pack helps you to say goodbye to post-holiday syndrome

This site February 25 hearing, the colorful colors of the exaggerated shape of the festival is already boring, combined with syndromes, plain tones to help you return to the workplace, adjust the mentality of a smooth dress, a new look to deal with the workplace!

The most common colors in the workplace are dull black and white, but they are enduring and intriguing. For the Korean actress who "thinks you" to become popular again, Yoon Eun-hui wears a black suit. The minimalist profile does not contain any fancy elements. , but it is easy to control the essence of fashion, the use of black and white gray is very simple, Yoon Eun Neck casually clever on the exaggeration of the necklace, for the whole body of the black system add a lot of exaggerated accessories in the use of black, can be very clever use of diversification, both You can add eye-catching, but also add color, a single product two suitable.

The law-abiding white shirt, a must-have item in the workplace, and you're back to work, you may be able to get a lot of good-looking items and your feelings of impetuosity so that you can put more into your work. The star-height and holy-hearted, minimalist white shirt with a hollow-cut, high-waisted skirt and an interesting stripe socks add a touch of color.

Kim Koon's black body is full of OL's attire but he's really eye-catching. Although the mediocre yet individual canvas shoes are not lit by this, Kim Koon's whole body is black and white. Even though the elegant upper body uses a tough motorcycle jacket, he doesn’t Loss of elegance, minimalist bag design due to the royal blue to join, eye-catching.

The perfect combination of sturdy and feminine, sexy is rarely seen in OL outfits, but as the fashion changes, more feminine elements are incorporated into them. The minimalist white shirt and the hollow skirt with the same tone make it really People's eyes light up, not only feel more sexy, more OL equipment upgrade a lot of female elements.

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