Put on a red sleeve spring 2013 new make a spring dancer

Spring gently soft, soft grass, the birds sing the melody of the song, with the breeze flowing with and waved to say goodbye last night's winter, hibernating heart wings, to date with the spring. Spring, Iraqis, do not come in unharmed?


The weather is getting warmer, we can be beautiful and gentle little jacket, red sleeve this little jacket is self-cultivation of short paragraph, as well as hollow stitching design, simple with delicate and intentions, this dress is in line with the beauty of spring, Only in line with women's gentle beauty.

穿上红袖2013春季新装  做一个春风里的舞者

From winter to spring, high-necked knit sweater is everyone's favorite dress, repeated changes in the climate, you can wear a single can be built within, coupled with the sweater delicate and intimate details of the design, it is beautiful and comfortable. Pro, choose such a beautiful and practical sweater will allow you to calmly face the seasonal changes

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