Have a happy pregnant women underwear series to do fresh and sweet style Mommy

Compared with the "October Mommy", the series of pregnant women's underwear favors sweet and lovely winds, and more are decorated with elements such as bows, cartoons and polka dots, and the colors are also more gorgeous.


Cotton shells printed cherry bra, soft and meticulous fabrics, meticulous care of the mother every day! Stylish and lively cherry print, the overall design of a concentrated chest shape, enhance the effect of the chest curve, so that mothers become more beautiful and more confident!

有喜孕妇装内衣系列 做清新甜美风准妈咪

Cotton Lace Lace Lace Soft Steel Bra, Sensitive Swollen Chest, Lace Half Lace Lace Fabric Actively Lovely, Comfortable Version Carefully tailored to maximize centering effect, the chest curve can be quickly raised.

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