Taiwan embroidery TGGC brand women make you gorgeous winter turn

Taiwan's embroidery is a cutting-edge fashion women's brand , aimed at the present advocating a low-key luxury women groups, the pursuit of not only eye-catching exaggerated clothing, but also on the intrinsic quality of fashion has a unique pursuit. Taiwan embroidery design inspiration from the international trend of cutting-edge, and contemporary art has a close feeling. Taiwan's embroidery products not just a dress, she is to undertake the fashion design and pure art of the carrier, and is flesh and blood. Her outward appearance is unrestrained, gorgeous, with a strong sense of fashion architectural style, her heart is romantic, independent, with the era of women's multifaceted emotion.


Little bee waist skirt design is very able to stretch the lower body's body line, with Lady sexy package buttock skirt full of sexy yet dignified and elegant charm.

台绣TGGC品牌女装 冬季让你华丽转身

Lake blue woolen coat is very Fan children, two large pocket design is very overhang, with knee-length boots to create a dignified atmosphere of the model, the best out in the winter out of the street!

This kind of shoes high comfort, high quality, affordable, favored by domestic and foreign customers high praise.

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All leather pass US CUSTOMS TEST, and the factory has passed the EU BSCI certification. 

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