Perlaine 2013 spring new ready to develop a spring travel

Young leaves Phi new equipment, spring mud scattered fresh air, flowers in full bloom, everything is newborn. 2013 Purlielan is about to get ready, focus on brand and products, thanksgiving new and old customers, bring the most affordable products and sincere costumes, together with the sound and Pu Yi Lan launched a spring travel it!

珀依兰 - Paerlan

Net yarn and lace combination, soft over, looming, sweet and sexy gorgeous upgrade. Increased side, effectively contain Furuodua, excess fat will be moved to the cup, wearing more focused on the tall and straight, double mesh design, the inner mesh cloth to lock the fat, the outer flash mesh breathable fashion.

珀依兰2013春季新品蓄势待发  展开一场春的游记

Breathable gauze Bra top bra, elegant and charming, wild wearing, breathable, comfortable and comfortable to refrain from hot, clip the bend at the pressure designed to effectively tighten underarm fuctures, All fat in the cup, the perfect shape of the chest curve.



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